Sign the petition—demand answers from Ron Johnson!

Multimillionaire U.S. Senator Ron Johnson paid only $2,105 in taxes in 2017, and forced a change in the 2017 GOP tax bill to specifically benefit himself and his biggest donors – but he refuses to be transparent with voters and explain why.  

These are our demands for Ron Johnson:

  1. Release detailed information on your 2017 state taxes to explain why, as a multimillionaire, you paid only $2,105 in state taxes?
  2. Did you personally cut your own taxes when you forced a language-change in the 2017 tax bill?
  3. What do you have to say to the hardworking Wisconsinites who earned a tenth of your income, but paid more in state taxes? 
Ron Johnson owes Wisconsin voters answers for benefitting from a tax system that he took part in rigging—sign on today!

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