& Resolutions

Platform & Resolutions

One of the main facets of the 2022 State Convention will be the consideration of resolutions and platform amendments by this year’s Convention delegation.

This is the 2022 Platform Packet for the delegation’s consideration, and this is the 2022 Resolutions Packet. The 2022 P&R Order of Business is linked here, which will guide this year’s meeting. 

This year’s

As a whole, the WisDems platform & resolutions outline the principles that guide our work as a State Party, as well as the policies we believe in, and the beliefs we hold. The WisDems Constitution, on the other hand, is the governing document for the State Party, dictating the policies & procedures we must follow as an organization.

The Platform & Resolutions committee facilitates the consideration of resolutions & platform amendments. In order to pass a resolution, a draft resolution must be passed by county party membership, and no more than 10 passed resolutions may be sent by the county to the Congressional District chair, no less than ten days before the Congressional District Convention. CD Convention delegates will then consider the drafts, and may forward no more than 10 resolutions to the WisDems Platform & Resolutions Committee via state headquarters. If passed & forwarded by the CD, the P&R Committee will review the submitted resolutions & send them to the State Convention floor for delegates to accept or reject.

Approval of a platform amendment follows essentially the same process as a resolution, as outlined above: a draft must be considered at a CD Convention, and then must be passed on to the P&R Committee via state headquarters no less than 2 days after the final CD Convention. The P&R committee will then prepare a final draft of the platform to be included in each convention packet for consideration on the floor of the State Convention.