2021 State Convention Frequently Asked Questions

What do Delegates do?

Delegates at this year’s State Convention will be able to vote for our state party officers, as all of 5 seats are up for election every odd-numbered year. In addition to participating in the State Party Officer election, delegates will also vote to approve the updated version of our Party Platform and Resolutions, vote on Constitutional changes, and attend social events. 

How many Delegates are there?

According to the DPW Bylaws, delegates are apportioned to each county based off of vote totals in the last statewide senatorial election, and in proportion to the registered number of members in that county for the previous year. Per our Bylaws in Article IV, Section 2 (c), there are also “autodelegates,” which are comprised of members of the US Congress, the Wisconsin State Legislature, state constitutional officers, current chairs of county parties, and members of DPW’s Administrative Committee. These delegates do not count toward the delegate allotment of each county. 

Click here to see delegate allotments for Congressional District & State Conventions.

What are CD Conventions?

Click this link to learn more about your CD Conventions!

What is an Alternate Delegate?

Alternate delegates, or “alternates” for short, are people who serve in the place of a voting delegate in the event that they are unable to attend the Convention. If every delegate is able to attend, alternates have no responsibilities or voting rights. Each county is able to select as many alternates as they can regular delegates, and alternates are bound by the same membership and registration deadlines as regular delegates. If you would like to be listed as an alternate, please reach out to your County Party Chair. 

How are Delegates selected?

To register your interest in being a delegate, please submit the Delegate Request Form, or reach out to your County Party Chair

The information the WisDems collects through the Delegate Request Form will be shared with your County Party Chair, who has final authority on which individuals from their county are named as State Convention delegates. Per Article IV, Section 2 of the DPW Bylaws, delegate status preference is given to attendees of CD Conventions, though State Convention delegates are not required to attend CD Conventions in order to attend State Convention. 

You can confirm that your request through the DPW form has been receive by sending an email to [email protected], or you can reach out directly to your county party chair to request the status of your delegate request.

Any member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is eligible to become a delegate, as long as their dues are current as of May 22, 2021. See the deadlines section below to learn more about how to ensure that your dues are paid. 

Important deadlines for the 2021 DPW State Convention

May 6: Delegate Request Form removed from WisDems website

May 15, 5 PM: Deadline for County Parties to Submit Final Delegate Names

*May 22, 5 PM: Membership Deadline for Delegates & Alternates

June 5 & 6: State Convention


The Delegate Request Form will be removed from DPW’s website at 5pm on May 6, 2021, but you will still be able to contact your county chair to request delegate status until 5 PM on May 15th. 

*Please note that due to significant and varying delays in the mail service and membership processing, you are highly encouraged to ensure your membership status is current by submitting renewed membership dues using this link as far in advance of the May 22nd membership deadline as possible.

If you are unsure about your current expiration date, reach out to [email protected] or contact your county party

Am I able to watch convention if I am not selected as a delegate?

Yes! Information about how to view State Convention as a guest will be published closer to the convention date.

What if I still have unanswered questions?

If your question wasn’t answered here, you can send an email to [email protected] and Party Affairs staff will respond as soon as possible.

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